MacBook Air 2018: Here Is What to Expect From The Next Generation

The WWDC 2018 is all set to introduce a bug-free iOS 12, updated versions of MacOS and WatchOS. This time around Apple is not only limited to make this event interesting for developers, but for consumers as well. We can except an upgraded version of iPhone SE and a new MacBook as well. So here’s what you can expect from the new MacBook Air 2018.

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MacBook Air 2018

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of MacBook Air, initially introduced for students and office work. The Macbook air lineup is relatively cheaper and less powerful as compared to the MacBook Pro and Macbook. Macbook air is designed for low-power users, as a step to introduce them to the Mac environment. Apple might introduce a new cheaper MacBook Air at the WWDC.

MacBook Air 2018
Credits: Cnet

By lowering the price, Apple’s major focus is to allow more and more people enter the Mac environment. The new MacBook would also act as an upgrade to the existing MacBook Air Users. Apple might definitely upgrade the MacBook Air both in terms of hardware and design.

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Features And Specifications

One of the major drawbacks of the MacBook Air was a poor display. So Apple will definitely update the display to an improved Retina Display. Apple might offer the exact same RAM and storage configuration, with an increment in the processor. Apple might also kill all the ports on the MacBook and replace them with USB-C ports.

MacBook Air 2018 2
Credits: Cnet

The new MacBook will definitely attract Windows users. This can easily be used for regular work. Macbooks are recognized for providing stability in performance due to fluid integration between hardware and software. We can expect Touch-ID and Force Touch as well on the new MacBook.

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