Here Is Why Microsoft Is Forcing Windows Mail Users To Use Edge

    Microsoft has always tried to outshine any platform or company that has a larger user base as compared to the default Microsoft software and applications. So as to continue the streak Microsoft has been forcing users to use the Edge browser since the release of Windows 10. Edge is Windows 10‘s built-in browser, but it’s not much appreciated by users. So here’s why Microsoft is pushing hard towards Edge browser.

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    Edge Browser: Some Statistics!

    As far as stats are concerned the NetMarketShare of Edge doesn’t impress Microsoft. Edge just had 4% usage share which is nowhere close to 59% of the Chrome. It’s nowhere close to competing with small mobile-platform browsers like Samsung Internet or UC Browser. The situations are even worst on all platforms where Edge just has a share of 1.89%.


    The major drawbacks of Microsoft Edge include blotted UI and it’s not secure as well. Edge has never satisfied power users. In simple words, it feels as if Microsoft has shoehorned Edge to Windows 10. It is worth noting that, Edge is the only web-browser that works seamlessly with touch controls on Windows 10.

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    Microsoft Forcing Users

    Microsoft has tried to increase Edge’s user base through notifications, suggestions while we use chrome and even a battery management warning that ends up being an Edge promotion. Cortana users still see bing results in their feed. All of the Cortana links and results are opened in Edge, no matter what’s your default browser.

    Microsoft is now taking this one step further by forcing windows mail users, to open links attached to emails through Microsoft’s own browser. This will definitely increase the number of Edge users but will significantly decrease mail users. Microsoft is taking these steps as Edge is an important part of the Windows ecosystem. It is important for Microsoft to improve upon the browsers drawbacks rather than forcing users to use it.


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