3 Unique Android Launchers You Probably Didn’t Know About

The first word that probably strikes our mind when we talk about Android is its customizability. We can make our smartphone look and feel the way we want it to be. So, let’s check out some Android launchers that unique and would make your smartphone stand out from the crowd.

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1. Lens Launcher

This is possibly the most unique and well-developed launcher that holds well to its name. This launcher offers a simple yet interesting user interface. The only thing visible on the screen are small app icons. To open or read the name of any application simply swipe over the screen. Your finger acts as a fisheye lens.

It is worth noting that, initially you will find it difficult to locate an application but once you get used to it you will enjoy this launcher. Opening up settings You can customize Icon size, distortion factor, scale factor and animation time. The launcher allows you to hide applications or even change their order. Overall a simple and unique Android launcher.


2. Hi-Tech Launcher

This possibly converts your smartphone into a professional prop that can be easily used in a science-fiction. The entire theme of this launcher helps your smartphone stand out from the crowd.

The home screen displays current and next three days weather with a digital clock, you can find a music player google search. Some random applications a weird circle that acts as a control center. For some good reasons, the developer made the app drawer quiet simple.


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3. AP 15 Launcher

The unique thing about this launcher is its unbelievable size that’s just 346 kilobytes. The launcher displays every single application in a clean font and apps are stacked one over the other. And that’s it.

This Android launcher doesn’t offer any sort of customization. Long pressing any application pops up some basic functions. AP 15 is completely opposite to Hi-Tech launcher while the first one is the most complex the later is the most simple.


Give these Android launchers a try, you will definitely find them interesting. Do share your experience and if you think we have missed anything? do let us know in the comment section below.


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