Google Magenta: Everything You Need To Know

    Lately, Google has been working on a creative integration of Artificial Intelligence and Music. Dubbed as Google Magenta explores the role of machine learning in the process of creating art and music.

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    After months of research and developments, the Magenta team has come up with a prototype called the NSynth Super. The Nsynth acts as a hardware interface for the core AI music maker. So here’s everything you need to know about the Nsynth Super and the Project Magenta.

    Google Magenta: The Concept

    Google Brain Team is developing the project Magenta. The core concept behind the google magenta is to allow AI and Machine learning tools to learn, recognize and create an entirely new trait.

    Google Magenta 1

    In addition to that, the concept is not only limited to developing music but with future improvements, it can be used to generate images, drawings, and other materials. So as to generate new material (music or images) magenta involves deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms.

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    Google Magenta: The Mechanism

    Google Magenta

    The core idea behind developing music or any other form of art is learning and creativity. Magenta is not based on rules, it learns and then produces music. There are various machine- learning techniques that magenta uses that include recurrent neural networks, convolutional neural networks, variational methods, adversarial training methods, and reinforcement learning. These learning techniques are used to generate something new.

    NSynth Super: The Prototype

    Google Magenta

    Last year the Magenta Team developed a neural synthesizer algorithm called NSynth. NSynth Super is a physical prototype based on this prototype. This prototype learns and algorithmically develops an entirely different musical output that lies in-between the sources. The algorithm and AI work together as a musician and can help develop an endless amount of musical content from a limited source.

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