5 Reasons Why Telegram Is The Only Messaging App You Need

    We are surrounded by dozens of messaging and data sharing applications. One common thing among these applications is a humongous number of active users. Each application having its own advantages and disadvantages.

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    Well, if you feel bored of using the same applications or wish to migrate to a new messaging application then Telegram might impress you. So here are some solid reasons why Telegram is the only app you need.

    Telegram: Security

    Telegram is one of the most secure application, for messaging and data sharing. The major reason behind this is an improved end-to-end encryption. Telegram never stores any form of chat on its servers. The Secret Chat feature takes security to next level.

    Telegram 3

    This feature also allows the user to self-destruct messages after a particular time interval. Secret chat is definitely a really helpful feature for privacy and security concerns. While secret chat is on you won’t receive notifications as well.

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    Editable Messages

    WhatsApp took it so long to introduce the delete chat feature and that too with a seven minutes time limit. As a conclusion, we cannot except editable messages anytime soon. Telegram has this nifty feature of editing messages with no time limit.

    As of now, no other messaging application offers this useful feature. This can be highly beneficial in many situations. Even though the other person can see that this is as an edited message, but they can’t access the original text.

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    Send and Receive Large Files

    The most popular messaging app WhatsApp allows the user to send or receive files of up to 16MB only. That’s really less even the alternates are limited up to 100MB.

    Telegram 2

    On the other hand, Telegram rules out all these applications with a maximum shareable amount of up to 1.5GB. This is practically a huge amount of data that can be shared wirelessly. This can be useful to share RAW photos or even few seconds of 4K footage.

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    Inbuilt Photo Editing Tools

    Telegram 4

    Telegram comes with a useful photo editor. Apart from basic editing, you can use this photo editor to add colorful stickers. Telegram gets you covered you on those Snapchat like funny filters as well. All this makes Telegram a useful application. Telegram has almost most of the features that one or the other application lacks.

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    Unlimited Group Members

    Most of the messaging applications advertise the maximum number of users in a group as a major highlight of the application. Whatsapp allows a maximum of 256 members in a group. Hike limits it up to 1000. On the other hand, Telegram allows a maximum of 100000 users in a group. This is enough to accommodate a large NGO and leave other applications far behind.

    Telegram 5Telegram is one of the most underrated applications that you should definitely check out. Do share this article and connect with your friends on a more powerful and helpful messaging platform. Also, share your experience with the Telegram application in the comments down below.

    Edited by Atish Rajasekharan


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