How To Delete Or Disable Your Instagram Account

    Instagram in a matter of half-decade has grown its active user-base from 40 million to 500 million. Well, Instagram is getting better and better with regular new updates but if you think that Instagram is killing your productivity or annoying you. In other words, if you wish to stop using your Instagram account, here are two methods that will help you.

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    Disable Your Instagram Account

    Disabling an Instagram account makes you completely offline from the social media. Once you disable your account, no one can find your profile. In simple words, your account will be hidden from the social media platform until you log in again.

    Instagram Account 3

    Here’s how to do this;

    • Log in to your Instagram account on any browser
    • Click on My Account and then Edit Profile
    • Under Edit Profile tap on Temporarily disable my account
    • Select your reason for disabling your account and re-enter your password.

    This will disable your account. You can use this measure to take a break from Instagram and come back whenever you feel like.

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    Delete Your Instagram Account

    Deleting an Instagram account deletes all of your profile including your posts, likes, and comments as well. Once you delete your account there is no way by which you can recover your account. So, be careful while deleting your account.

    Instagram Account

    Here’s how to do this;

    This will permanently delete your account. So, think twice before you do it. Well, I would personally recommend you to disable your account rather than deleting it permanently, as you can always recover it.


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