Google Cloud IoT Core Service Launched Out Of Beta

    Google Cloud has finally launched; Cloud IoT Core service out of the beta. This service offers a system for managing all the connected internet of things (IoT) devices with Google’s cloud. It was announced at Google I/O last year.

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    Google Cloud IoT Core Service Launched

    This service will manage all the sensor and other devices and will sync it up with the Google Cloud. This service will make sure that customers don’t need to worry about provide or scale up the infrastructure to deal with the demand.

    Cloud IoT Core
    Google IoT Core Structure

    Google Cloud will head-on with Amazon’s Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure in providing enterprises an easier way to build new applications using cloud services, even if they have legacy apps running in private data centers. Using Cloud will also ease up companies from storing tons of data generated.

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    Google’s Cloud IoT Core customers can also now configure (quick start guide) their devices to post information in multiple streams through Google’s Cloud Pub/Sub services, which routes data to and from different applications and services in the company’s cloud.

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    So, this feature will enable customers to direct different types of data from a single sensor into different Pub/Sub topics. Users will be billed based on how many megabytes of data get transferred to and from devices connected to Cloud IoT Core every month.


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