LG Announces AI Camera Features For New LG V30 Model; Vision AI

    LG was rumored to launch a new smartphone called the V30s, which will be an upgraded version of its V30 flagship at MWC this year. Well, LG today has confirmed the rumor and revealed that it will feature AI-powered camera features called Vision AI.

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    LG Vision AI Camera Features

    This very new AI feature is very much focused on image recognition and is going to get featured on “the 2018 version of the LG V30”. The so-called Vision AI can automate image analysis for shooting mode recommendations along with object recognition and shopping suggestion.

    Vision AI Vision AI 2
    In addition to that, there’s also a feature that claims to leverage AI to offer better low-light performance. It pretty clear that LG is not attempting to develop its own voice assistant like Samsung did, instead, the company is building commands (on Google Assistant) that are exclusive to LG phones.

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    Well, there are 23 commands already live and the list is set to expand to 32 this year. LG says that some of the AI features from 2018 will pave their way to the existing LG phones. Seems like we have to wait until MWC to see what V30s is bringing to the table.


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