Microsoft has started testing a new Bluetooth feature for Windows 10 that will be available in the next major update. Windows 10 testers can try this quicker and more convenient pairing Bluetooth devices released earlier this week in the latest Windows 10 build 17093.

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Windows 10: Pairing Bluetooth Devices

The Surface Precision Mouse is the first device to come with this very new feature is first and is enabled with the streamlined pairing, meaning Windows 10 will now show a quick notification to connect the mouse and pair it.

Pairing Bluetooth Devices
GIF: TheVerge

Addition of the feature is for the good, as it is tough to dig into the settings and find the section to add a Bluetooth device. Microsoft is also working with partners like Logitech to make this feature seamless and to ensure the streamlined Bluetooth pairing support across a number of devices.

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Not to mention, both iOS and Android will also support more convenient and faster pairing for Bluetooth devices. Microsoft’s new Bluetooth support will be available in the next major Windows 10 update, expected to arrive in March or April.


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