Here Is How To Click Better Photos With Smartphone; Quick Tips!

    Smartphone has become the most used device to click photos or in fact click better photos and moreover, to be a good photographer, it takes more than just a good camera. Well, with slight tweaks, few added apps, here’s how you can click better photos with your smartphone’s camera.

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    Click Better Photos: Resolution And Better Quality

    This is basic and before you start your smartphone action, take a look at the settings. Generally, the factory settings are kept low. So things you need to change is;

    Click Better Photos
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    • Aspect ratio: if the aspect ratio is at 16:9 format, change it 4:3 format for full use of the sensor.
    • Picture Quality: Out of the box, the picture of the smartphone is kept low, change it to the highest resolution available.

    Use Manual Mode

    These days most of the camera apps of the smartphone come with manual mode. But if your phone doesn’t come with manual mode you can install apps like the Open camera or Camera FV-5 to get complete control over your smartphone’s camera.

    Click Better Photos 1

    Four values that are relevant to the photo are exposure time, aperture, shutter speed and ISO values. All these values determine how your photo comes out. Manual Mode gives you complete freedom to compose your shots according to your personal preference. Enabling grid-lines also comes handy while framing a shot.


    Lighting plays a major role when it comes to smartphone photography. Good-Lighting can improve the overall quality of a photo. Smartphones due to small-sized sensors suffer a lot in low-light and the so-called night-mode does nothing rather than increasing the ISO to extreme limits turning your photo a disaster. and decreases the quality.

    Click Better Photos 5

    You can also install DSLR Tools to get information about the timings of Golden hours and Blue hours in your particular region. Coming to the basics, never stand opposite to the source of light while clicking selfies so that light strikes and brightens your face and not the camera sensor.

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    Tips For Clicking Better Photos:

    Multiple Shots

    Click Better Photos 1
    IMG: CNet

    Instead of depending on one perfect shot, it’s better to take multiple snaps of your subject. Just make sure that with each snap the subject is in focus. And you can do this enough times until you are satisfied with the shot.

    Flash Only In Emergency

    If not in the dark or a strong exposure is not needed, always and every time avoid using the flash, as it rarely produces really beautiful images. Not only the quality of the colors but uniform illumination kills the image. At the end of the day, a photo with natural light and more picture noise is far better than a subject hit by lighting.

    Added Lenses

    Click Better Photos 3
    IMG: PocketNow
    Smartphone Lenses help you to get some unpredictable shots like wide-angled, Fish-eye or macro. Do note, smartphone lenses in no way increase the quality of your smartphone camera.They just simply act as an add-on to your primary camera to increase its potential. Check out these budget end lens for your smartphone.

    Photo Editing Apps

    Lastly, you can invest some more time in post-processing with some very useful photo editors like VSCO, Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom. These tips will surely help your regular photos to stand out.

    Do you have any good photo taking tips that you want to share with us? Did out tips help you? Let us know in the comment section below.

    Written by Anubhav Tyagi (intern), edited and published by Atish Rajasekharan.


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