3 Best Twitter Clients For Android In 2018; The Best Of The Best! [Update]

    Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most used social media or micro-blogging service with over 330 million active users. It acts as a source of the latest news and trends. So, today let’s check out three (3) best Twitter clients that will help you to stay connected to the world with a great user experience.

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    Flamingo is no longer available for new users as the application has crossed the “token limit” that have been introduced to the bane of existence for a number of Twitter clients over the years. Once a certain limit is reached, the app won’t work for new users.

    Fenix 2

    Fenix 2 is one of the best twitter client available on Play Store. It has a fully customizable theme with pretty good animations and in addition to that, it supports night mode as well. Furthermore, much like the native twitter app, the second iteration of Fenix allows you to add multiple twitter accounts and even mute annoying users, hashtags or keywords.

    Best Twitter Clients

    The app also saves your position on the timeline, so when new tweets come in, you simply scroll up to view them. A counter at the top shows the number of new tweets, and you can tap it to scroll to the top. The downside of this app is you can’t upload videos – only pictures and GIFs. There are not many bugs or issues encountered, it works smooth. You can find Fenix 2 on the Play Store for $2.96 (Rs 190).

    Fenix 2 On Play Store

    Flamingo For Twitter

    If your not happy with Fenix 2’s customization, Flamingo is here. This app offers a material design interface with bright and colorful themes. In extension to that, this microblogging client can schedule tweets and just like Fenix 2 or the native Twitter app you get advanced mute controls.

    Best Twitter Clients 1

    The wide variety of options for tweet includes; appearance, font, text size, timeline media, transitions, and even gestures. Once you’re done tweaking everything to perfection, you can even export your settings. There’s a night mode, which annoyingly can only be enabled from the settings. Flamingo also provides previews for Instagram, YouTube and article links. You can find Flamingo on the Play Store for a completely respectable $2.18 (Rs 140).

    Flamingo For Twitter On Play Store

    Talon For Twitter

    Talon comes from Klinker Apps (who also made Pulse SMS, Evolve SMS, and other apps). The main highlight of the app is its night mode, compact timeline layout, native YouTube and Twitter video playback and a do not disturb mode. Talon allows you to add a maximum of up to 2 twitter accounts and the main strength of this app is its customization.

    Best Twitter Clients 2

    In addition to that, Talon also supports android wear and much like Flamingo, Talon can also be used to schedule Tweet or require your fingerprint to post anything. The downside of this app is that it can only allow you to log in with two Twitter accounts. Apart from that, Talon runs sleekly with the enhanced user experience. You can find Talon for Twitter on the Play Store for $2.96 (Rs 190).

    Talon For Twitter On Play Store

    All of these are way better than the official Twitter application. These Clients not only include most of the features that the official application has but also include some powerful and helpful features that the official twitter app lacks. Let us know what’s your favorite Twitter client in the comment section below.

    Written by Anubhav Tyagi (intern), edited and published by Atish Rajasekharan. 



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