Google Is Using AI To Predict Flight Delays

    Flight delay alerts are really helpful, but it usually depends on airlines notification, which is not always quick. Google, however, is filling the gap with an AI (Artificial Intelligence), here is how?

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    AI Predict Flight Delays

    Google is using machine learning system. It basically uses historic flight status information to forecast delays and flags them when there’s at least an 80 percent confidence the prediction will come true.

    Predict Flight Delays

    It is worth noting that, the search giant still stresses that you should show up on time, but Google can give you a hint before you step into the airport. Google has already started outlining the amenities for economical fares on American, Delta and United flights.

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    In addition to that, you can check the details and you can avoid surprises coming your way. Either way, it is pretty clear that machine learning is paving the path for the future.
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