Worlds Smallest Flash Drive SanDisk 1TB USB-C Unveiled

    Among all the innovation around TVs, laptops, and gadgets at CES. The ever-escalating competition of cramming the most storage into single flash drive has brought up; SanDisk 1TB USB-C flash drive.

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    SanDisk 1TB USB-C Unveiled

    SanDisk has slimmed-down the prototype, which fully embraces USB-C. It is sort of an upgrade from USB 3.0 and moreover, it will let you use it to directly transfer storage to/from Android phones (which come equipped with USB-C).

    SanDisk 1TB 1
    IMG: TheVerge

    It is worth noting that, this is not the most storage flash drive – that title goes to last year’s 2TB  Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT. But SanDisk is commendable to bring out a USB-C storage, which is also small, even at this early stage.

    It is just a prototype (a working one), so there is no price or availability announced yet. Do note, a full-sized 1TB USB-C SSD cost around US$350, so, it is pretty clear that SanDisk’s 1TB flash drive will not be affordable.


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