L’Oreal UV Sensor Sticks On Your Nail To Retrieve UV Data

    L’Oreal introduced a new wearable device; L’Oreal UV sensor, which can retrieve UV data from your nails. This wearable accessory is the new addition to L’Oreal’s fashion line providing UV data of the user, before skin burn-down.

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    L’Oreal UV Sensor

    This very new sensor from the fashion brand doesn’t pair with Bluetooth or WiFi, instead, it is NFC enabled. So, you can scan it with your phone to retrieve the UV data, which is collected. The data collected with showcase how much time you spend in the sun.

    L'Oreal UV Sensor
    IMG: TheVerge

    The UV sensor will determine how long you have been outside, as and when the sensor syncs with the app, a score is generated depending on the time you’ve spent in the sun. Moreover, the app will also recommend some products based on your skin score.

    The L’Oreal UV sensor comes with replaceable adhesives, so you can re-wear it. Do note that, you can also snap this sensor on to other items like a watch of sunglass. This UV sensor will be available in the summer for an undisclosed price, but according to The Verge, it will be priced at under US$50 (roughly Rs 3,200 / EUR 42).


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