HQ Trivia Is Now Available On Android; Download Now!

    Earlier this month, HQ Trivia announced that their app would finally be available for Android users. Well, as promised the app is now available in the Google Play Store’s Early Access section.

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    HQ Trivia On Android

    HQ Trivia is backed by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll – the co-founders of Vine, which was dumped by Twitter. It was launched on iOS in October and has taken the App Store by storm. A free-to-play quiz app, which offers real money prizes.

    HQ Trivia 2

    At 6 PM and 12 PT during weekdays, HQ Trivia live streams 12 multiple questions to select an answer. Users will have 10 seconds per-question to select an answer and if they correctly guess all 12, they will win or split a US$2000 (roughly Rs 1,27,630) cash prize with other winners, which you can PayPal out (if minimum balance is US$20).

    It is worth noting that, the app is under “Unreleased” tag, so there will be some minor bugs that still need to be removed. Either way, when you log in, you will see the next game’s timing and prize money. Well, for me (in India) it shows the next game is at 10.15AM with a prize money of US$ 18,000. I’m down.



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