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A headphone with a great sounding with an added comfortability is a win-win for someone who uses for a long period of time. Well, if you’re that someone, Mivi SAXO Bluetooth headphone is for you.

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Mivi SAXO Bluetooth Headphone

Starting off the unboxing experience, the packaging is not too fancy. Opening up the box, you will find the headphone itself, down below that, you will find a microUSB cable and an AUX cable. That’s it! like I said nothing too fancy.


Let’s take a physical overview of the headphone. Let me admit it, The black finish of the headphone is eye pleasing. The cushion on either side of the ear cups and over the headband gives out a great comfortability and radically speaks out its premium looks.

Mivi SAXO 3

As this is a Bluetooth headphone, the buttons are tactile too, which has the potential to withstand your harsh use. The headphone comes with an inbuilt mic and 3 buttons, one for turning on or off, while the two control buttons, can be used to pick up and disconnect the call or to change the song. In addition to that, you have 3.5mm audio jack, if you don’t want to use the wireless feature.

Connectivity, Sound Quality, And Battery Backup

This is pretty easy to connect, press the power button to turn on the device or if you want to pair with a new device, turn on the device and continuously press the button for 5 seconds.

Mivi SAXO 1

This headphone is without a doubt, the best in this price range with a great sounding. The lower’s are good, mid sounds crystal clear and the highs are great. This has a great noise cancellation and all these are backed by a great battery with low charging time.

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Downside Of Mivi SAXO Headphone

Coming to the downside, the leather cushions on the ear cups will not stay for long use, it will peel off, for obvious reasons. Next, the expandability of the headphone is good but, this is headphone is specifically not for big heads or maybe for me.

Mivi SAXO 5

Well, with a premium looks and aesthetically pleasing design, this headphone doesn’t let you down for what you are paying. And let me assure you, it is well worth it for the price you’re paying. The Mivi SAXO is priced at Rs 2,999 on Amazon.in and from their official website.


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