Snowden-Backed Haven App Uses Mobile Sensors For Monitoring

    Freedom Of Press president Edward Snowden and Guardian Project have jointly developed an open-source app called Haven app for Android, which uses sensors of the smartphone to monitor and protect physical spaces.

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    Haven App: An Open Source App

    The app is really helpful for people who want to keep an eye out for intrusions into their home, office or any of their other personal space. All you need to do is to install the app on an old or cheap Android phone and start monitoring. You can even access logs from other ap or desktop.

    Haven AppHow Does It Work?

    The app uses all the sensors of the smartphone for monitoring, like;

    • Accelerometer sensor – detects motion and vibration
    • Front or back camera – detects motion in the phone’s visible surrounding.
    • Microphone – detect noises in the environment
    • Ambient light sensor – detects change in light

    In addition to that, the phone can also detect the device being unplugged or power loss. Well, the app only saves images and sound when triggered by motion or volume and stores everything locally on the device. You can also get secure real-time encrypted alerts of intrusion event instantly and access log remotely, through Tor Onion Service.

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    In extension to that, it also supports SMS text notifications, even if there is no internet connectivity. Well, according to developers this app is especially been developed for investigating journalists, human rights defenders and people at risk of forced disappearance. Well, it is worth noting that the app is still in beta and might have some bugs. Download the Haven app from here.


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