Google Phone App Finally Gets Duo Video Call Feature

    Google Phone app finally gets a dedicated Video call option. This feature was spotted on Pixel 2 (on its launch), although Google denied. Well, the video call button is now going live on Google phone app.

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    Google Phone App

    The AndroidPolice reported feature, seems seamless. So, while on a call, when you tap the ‘video call’ button, both ends of the call will launch the Duo app with the caller’s video camera being automatically active with the Knock-Knock feature.

    Google Phone App 2

    It is worth noting that, there aren’t any audio tones or any notification of its happening, so it is easy to get missed by the recipient (say let them know that you’re going to use this). Once, the video call is connected, it automatically hangs up the phone call and continues on with Duo.

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    There is next to no gap in the audio since the video call takes over instantly, but if you’re on a slow network, there might be a slight drop in the audio. At the downside though, Duo requires the phone to be unlocked before it can switch to a video call.

    Google Phone App 3

    It is worth noting that, when you switch to a video call will leave two entries in your call log, one from the phone call and the other is from Duo. The video call button is only available for Google phone app users (obviously).


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