Qualcomm And MediaTek Announce Support For Android Oreo Go Edition

    Qualcomm and MediaTek have announced support for Android Oreo Go Edition, which was officially introduced at Google For India event earlier this week. It will optimize the apps for the efficient yet balance use of hardware and software.

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    Qualcomm And MediaTek Support For Go Edition

    Qualcomm is working closely with Google in optimizing the Android OS and applications to run more efficiently on low-cost Android devices that have 512MB to 1GB of RAM. Qualcomm said that Snapdragon chipset for low and mid-range chipset will be ready to be used by OEM’s once the Android 8.1 is released to the Android Open Source project.

    Go Edition

    While on the other hand, MediaTek claimed that MediaTek’s MT6739, MT6737, and MT6580 chipsets are now optimized and support Android Oreo Go Edition. The company said that it is the first time that the entry-level SoCs are ready to be used shortly after the latest version of Android OS is announced.

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    The Go Edition is optimized to deliver 15% faster performance and 2X more storage. The Android Go Edition will play a crucial role in delivering Google Play Store ecosystem or apps to run smoothly on entry-level smartphones.

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