Facebook Launches Messenger Kids, Parent-Controlled App For Kids

    Facebook has launched a parent-controlled version of its Messenger app called Messenger Kids. This will apparently make it easier for children to safely video chat, message and connect with the family.

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    Facebook Launches Messenger Kids

    With more parents letting their children use their phone or tablet, this app will be a boon to it. This is a stand-alone app that will be available on kids’ tablet or smartphones but can be controlled from parent’s Facebook account.

    Messenger Kids

    The preview of the app is available for iOS users. Well, once the child’s account is set up by a parent, they can start a one-on-one or group chat with parent-approved contacts. There a limited set of GIFs and facial filters for the child to use. The home screen shows them, who they are approved to talk to and when those contacts are online.

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    How To Setup Messenger Kids Account?

    1. Download the Messenger Kids app from App Store.
    2. Authenticate your child’s device using your own Facebook credentials. [Note: The above step will not create your child’s Facebook account or give them access to your Facebook account]
    3. Finish the setup process by creating an account for your child.
    4. Lastly, add people to your child’s approved contact list from the Messenger Kids parental control panel.

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    Facebook has promised that it won’t serve ads on Messenger Kids and won’t use your child’s information for ads elsewhere. Well, according to Facebook’s terms, children as young as six can use the Messenger Kids features and will be able to migrate to “adults” accounts when they turn 13.


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