Instagram Is Secretly Testing Handful Of Features; There Are A Lot!

    Instagram is secretly testing a wide range of features. Well, we have already reported few new features that are being tested and moreover, some of you might have already seen few features. However, some of you, might not have seen what is cooking up.

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    New Features: Secretly Testing

    The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app has been testing out few features and rolling out few features in every update. Some of you, who have joined the beta program might have seen few.

    Native Instagram ‘Regram’ Button

    Presently, if you want to reshare any of your favorite content, you have to either save the image/video to the device and re-share it from your own device or using any third party apps like Regram, Repost, to share. Well, not anymore.

    Instagram 1
    IMG: TNW

    Instagram seems to be finally working on a native Regram or Repost button. This is the feature many of us have been waiting for. Well, if Instagram brings this Regram feature, it will be of a great use.

    GIF Search For Stories

    Wasn’t needed, but Instagram may finally allow users to search and add GIFs to their Stories or regular posts. According to a report from TNW, Instagram seems to partner with Giphy to source the in-app GIF.

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    Archive Your Instagram Stories

    The added feature of archiving Instagram post has been a great feature to improve productivity. Well, much like post archiving, this new feature will allow you to save your Stories in a personal archive.

    Instagram 2
    IMG: TNW

    The approach is pretty straightforward and will keep your best Stories in your archive without tripping your memory lanes. Folks at TNW reported that the test version may allow users to save their Stories longer than 24 hours.

    Instagram Closest Friends List

    The photo sharing app has been spotted testing a favorite friends-type feature, early this year. Well, it seems that the feature is close to release. As it sounds, it will let you add your closest friends to a list and will allow you to share content with (just) them.

    Instagram 3
    IMG: TNW

    It might sound like a DM, but for people with over one friend, this feature will play a crucial part. Notably, your closest friends won’t get a notification when you add them to the list. However, they will get a notification when someone within the group shares a new post using the feature.

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    Quick Search Option For Top Emoji And Hashtags

    This very new feature has been spotted, which will let you know the top emojis and top hashtags. This feature will apparently help you in selecting your hashtags, making your post reach more.

    Instagram 4
    IMG: TNW

    In addition to that, it is also testing a feature which will let you follow hashtags instead of people. Considering the popularity of some hashtags, Instagram will limit the post appearing on your feed with ‘top posts and recent’ stories.

    Pin Direct Messages Threads

    Instagram 1

    Not only WhatsApp, even its siblings will also have a feature, which will let you pin direct messages. Well, we don’t know much of this feature, but one thing for sure, this feature will ease up your priorities messages.

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    Emoji Shortcut For Congratulation

    This feature was only introduced on Facebook. So, these text delighted animations will occur if you type specific keywords like Congratulations, XOXO, and so on. Well, Instagram is also implementing this feature.

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    Now comes the main question, when are these feature getting rolled out? Well, we don’t know and moreover, we do not guarantee of these features coming to Instagram or whether or not these features will go live in the future.

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