Twisted Light Could Make Wireless Data Faster Than Fiber; Report

    Connectivity is getting better with every passing day, but there is still one key limitation of the data transfer i.e you still need to transmit data over wires, which limits the reach and affordability of the fastest connections.

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    Wireless Data Faster Than Fiber

    Scientists may have a way to eliminate the annoying cables while offering even faster speeds. The researchers have discovered a way to ‘twist’ photons in a way that not only crams more data into each transmission but survives interference from turbulent air.

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    The trick here is, if you pass light through a special hologram, you can give photons an optical angular momentum that lets them carry more than just 1s and 0s and long as the light’s phase and intensity are right, the beam will carry data over long distances.

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    The research team successfully tested just such a link over a 1-mile stretch in Germany making sure that it took place in an urban environment where the turbulence from taller buildings could theoretically cause chaos.

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    There is still a lot of work to be done before this kind of wireless networking becomes practical and comes to reality. This could kill wires from homes and office, and use light-based wireless links for multi-gigabit speeds.

    Featured Image: JaCZhou via Getty Images

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