1More Piston Classic Review: Bang For The Buck!

    1More is relatively a new brand, which started focusing on the growing Indian audio market. The company provides a range of headphones and earphones, across different price segments. But we are sticking to 1More Piston Classic, which company recently launched.

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    The company claims to offer a magnificent product with astounding audio quality at an affordable price range. But how well it stands with our standards and is it really worth the money. Let’s see.

    1More Piston Classic: Design

    This is apparently first thing any user notices when buying earphones or earphones. Well, the 1More Piston Classic has an amazing design, which a mixture of newsome style and trendy looks. The earbuds are made of aluminum and are attached to a braided cable, which provides strength, durability to the device and is tangle free.

    1More Piston Classic 4

    If you look close, you will see the upper cable of the earphone is not braided, but made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), which generates a level of softness. Well, the cable goes down and connects to the mic piece, which has three buttons to increase, decrease and play or pause the music. And on the other hand, another button is used to receive or disconnect the call.

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    The mic piece buttons are compatible with iOS and Android. Weighing just 23 grams, the earphones are lightweight and most importantly, it fits in perfectly. The premium end-feel of the earphones does all glory at the given price point.

    1More Piston Classic: Audio Quality

    The Piston Classic sports a dual layer composite driver made of titanium, which takes the audio quality to the next level with dual damping the system, which takes the pressure off the driver to reduce fatigue and distortion. The earbuds are canal-style, which provides a good fit and noise isolation. The earphones come with a frequency of 20-20,000Hz obviously.

    1More Piston Classic 2

    Playing your favorite songs on this is ear-pleasing, as it delivers a great sound quality with crisp sharp audio with zero outside noise. During the call, the mic performed really well with crystal clear voice input with partially (if not fully) debarring the background noise and giving out minimal audio leakage, which is a bliss to the people sitting next to us.

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    This earphone was tested over a period of three weeks, so the conclusion is clearly delusional. The 1More Piston Classic is one of the best lightweight earphones, which gives out crystal clear audio (both music and answering calls) experience, with an excellent build quality and affordable price.

    1More Piston Classic 3So, if you want good pair earphones and don’t want to loosen your wallet, this is one the best and worthy earphone you can go for. Although there are many alternatives to this, at any given time this earphone will be a wise choice. This is priced at Rs 1,499 at time of writing this and yes, it’s a worthy buy.



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