As promised, Google has launched Backup and Sync Desktop app, which will help users more easily to back up their files and photos from their computer. This utility will replace the older Google Photos desktop app as well as the Google Drive app from both Mac and PC.

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Backup And Sync Desktop App From Google

This app has a clean and minimalistic interface, where you will have to first sign up into your Google account then select the folders you want Google to backup your data. This app will respect your existing settings.

Sync Desktop AppIn addition to backing up the files on your computer, the Backup and Sync Desktop app can be used to back up photos from USB-connected devices, such as camera, SD and so on. Not to mention, the software is limited by the 15GB cap offered by free Drive accounts.

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Google says Backup and Sync is primarily intended for business users, meaning those on G Suite shouldn’t download this new software utility at this time.

Download Google Photos App  Download Google Drive App

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