Alibaba Introduces TMall Genie, An Amazon Echo Of China

    With like Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple Pod speakers, voice assistant speaker device are getting familiarized. Keeping the momentum, one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world, Alibaba has launched TMall Genie, an Amazon Echo of China.

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    Alibaba Introduces TMall Genie

    Well, you heard it right, Alibaba has introduced its voice assistant which works pretty much like Amazon Echo or Google Home. It’s a cylindrical device with omnidirectional speakers and LED lights to indicate what assistant is doing.

    TMall GenieComing to software front; it features AliGenie voice assistant. By saying “TMall Genie”, it gets activated. You can even ask Genie to place orders using “voiceprint recognition”, which apparently ask voice of the person to authorize the voice of the person placing the order.

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    Well, not to forget, Genie can control smart home appliances and in addition to that, it can also ask for the weather or new and listen to music. There are a lot more features that come with this voice assistant (see here). The device is currently launched in China under a limited beta for 499 Yuan (roughly about Rs 4,752, US$73). Users can sign up for the assistant and units will start shipping in less than two weeks.

    Sign Up For TMall Genie

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