Amazon Dash Wand Is A Cool Way To Use Alexa, To You Keep Buying!


Amazon has been releasing new hardware products from the last couple of months, announcing two new Echo devices, of course for different users. Well, the company has today introduced another hardware product; Amazon Dash Wand, which will help you order things for your daily use.

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Amazon Dash Wand Is Cool, Isn’t It?

The Dash Wand is a small magnetic stick that includes a barcode scanner (yes Amazon has brought it back) as well as the Amazon’s own voice assistant Alexa built-in. When you scan barcodes, Amazon will automatically add it to your cart for purchase.

Amazon Dash Wand

Basically, the idea is to mount the Dash Wand to your ridge, where you see common food items getting emptied and when you do, you can either name them or scan the barcode, which will directly get added to your cart, isn’t cool?

More On Amazon Dash Wand

There is a small button on the Dash Wand that activates Amazon Alexa, which can do all the task much like the traditional Echo device. You can ask for recipes, order food, manipulate brightness of the light and so on.

Amazon Dash Wand

For the first period of sales, Amazon is charging $20 for the new wand and is also giving you a $20 credit when you register it to your account, which apparently makes this device free. The company is also giving out 90 days free Amazon Fresh service, which normally cost $15 a month.

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We think the device is cool and will be really handy for places like restaurant, which needs to order much of the same food (again and again). Well, what do you think about this device? Does it make sense? Let us know in the comment section below.

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