Nokia Unveils FP4 Silicon; Worlds First Multi-Terabit Network Processor

    Nokia unveils FP4 silicon, a chipset that is six times faster than the currently available processors in the market. It has the ability to move 2.4 terabits per second and this is apparently world’s first multi-terabit network processor.

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    FP4 Silicon Promises Multi-Terabit Routing

    FP4 Silicon is capable of delivering terabit IP flows. This will be used to power the Nokia 7750 Service Router (SRs) and Nokia 7950 Extensible Routing System (XRS)-XC. With FP4, Nokia 7750 will support a 144 Tbits/s configuration, which can be scaled up to 288 Tbits/s in capacity.

    FP4 SiliconIn addition to that, the new routing system will bring 576 Tbits/s capacity too, with which we can do the vast majority of DDOS protection in the network. Well, according to Nokia, the IP traffic will more than double in the next five years as technologies like autonomous cars, machine learning, and Internet of Things sensors become more prevalent.

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    So, it’s clear, the chipset is created to provide the speed demanded by emerging technology.

    Steve Vogelsang, CTO, Nokia IP and Opticals said;

    We estimate in the next 10 years, 100 billion new devices will come onto the network and know these devices aren’t just ending points to receive information but increasingly they’re sensors that are gathering information and pushing a lot of traffic back into the network.

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