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The refurbished Samsung Note FE (Note 7R, “R” for refurbished) is set to launch on June 7. Not to mention, this smartphone was among the best ones on the market before it was tied up with the strings of explosions. Well, Samsung went and named the device Galaxy Note FE, where FE being acronymized as Fan Edition.

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Refurbished Samsung Note FE To Launch Soon

The phone was about the hit the market on June 30th but was delayed due to a larger supply of units to mobile carriers than originally intended. As far as price goes, the Galaxy Note FE will sell around for 699,600 Won (or $630) at the time of its release, but the new price tag will be around 740,000 to 760,000 Won (between $653 and $671 USD).

Galaxy Note FE 1The refurbished Galaxy comes with its own digital assistant Bixby, though Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything yet. A Samsung rep said, the device “will work in various ways to meet consumer expectations.” The device will not be officially introduced in the US, but other countries might get it soon after it gets released in South Korea. Stay tuned.

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