WhatsApp has quietly updated its iOS version. We had earlier reported of WhatsApp update, which will bring added color filters, well the new iteration also includes a couple of new features. Although, WhatsApp hasn’t been clear on the matter, for sure Android users has to wait for a while.

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WhatsApp Update Adds Few New Features

Once you update WhatsApp on your iOS device, you will be able to see five new color filters, which can be added to your media. In other to use these filters, all you have to do is to simply capture a photo, video or GIF and swipe to pick a filter (pretty simple isn’t it?).

WhatsApp Update 2

For those who receive a lot of photos on WhatsApp, the newest version will group together all photo received in a row from the same sender. In addition to that, a new reply shortcut is also added to help you respond to messages much faster, just by swiping left in any message.

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All the features mentioned above are included in WhatsApp 2.17.30, which is apparently already been published in App Store. There are pieces of information that are yet to be cleared for Android. Stay tuned.

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