Microsoft Face Swap App Launched On Play Store; Swap Now!

    Microsoft has launched a new app on the Play Store; Face Swap. Much like it sounds, it allows you to swap any face with any photo. There are many such apps on the Play Store but the company has different plans for this app.

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    Face Swap App

    Microsoft has pulled this app with a built-in library of “fun scenes”, which basically are pictures arranged in different categories such as fashion and hairstyle. You can prefer the mood and scene and in addition to that, you can download any image from the internet with the app.

    As it uses intelligent face detection technology to detect and swap your face, the app is very easy to use, just take a selfie using the Face Swap app, choose a fun scene and swipe through the results. The scenes include different clothes, hairstyles, and trending scenes.

    Download Via Play Store

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