Google Allo Update Adds Custom GIFs Of Your Face; Update Now!

    Google hopes to tickle your funny bones with Google Allo update. Yes, Google Allo has received a new update that’s not detailed in the Google Play Store. The latest update adds selfie clips which basically adds a personal to your responses.

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    Google Allo Update Adds Selfie Clips

    Google Allo’s Head of Product, Amit Fulay, revealed some of the new features that Android users can take advantage of after updating to the latest version. Selfie clips, a new feature that allows users to capture and share their own personal GIF.

    The selfie clips is apparently a looped GIFs made from a video. This feature (not exact) has been available in Giphy Cam before it was made available in Google Allo. In addition to that, Google Allo is getting a redesigned compose bar for sharing things faster.

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    The selfie clips is now available to iOS users, so if you’re running Allo on your iOS device, then go ahead and create your custom pack via sticker gallery.

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