Samsung InTraffic Reply App; Helps Preventing Distracted Driving

    One of the biggest problems of the smartphone is that it has become an addiction and now, we cannot resist if any notification pops in, to the level where we don’t even care if we are driving or riding, which often lead to accidents (sometimes fatal ones).

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    Samsung InTraffic Reply App

    Samsung is working on something, which might help to avoid distracted driving and it is called InTraffic Reply, an Android app. The app will automatically get activate when it detects you’re driving or riding, using phone’s sensors and if you get a call or message, it will send the automated response.
    InTraffic ReplyThe automated response includes; a default reply (“I’m driving, so I cannot answer at the moment.”), a fun, animated response, or your own customized pre-set message. The app will help reduce social pressure to respond to call or message even on road. It is under development and will be available somewhere around May of this year.

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