Google Now Shows Similar Items With Shopping Links On Image Searches

    Google Now shows Similar Items section with shopping links, thanks to the Google Image Search. Well, if you want to find some image of something, you would probably go to Google Image Search.

    The most important part of advertisers is to target users and Google has mastered it. You might start noticing a new section of images showing up on your Google Now feed. Yes, Google has rolled out a new section Similar Items.

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    Google Now Shows Similar Items

    Google Now shows Similar Items section, this is essentially a shopping link for the items you have Google Image Searched for. Google has taken a step forward and leveled up their advertising game. This feature uses machine language to identify the products you searched for.


    The images appear in a carousel fashion with price tags and the site where the items are available (an awesome advert strategy). Google said, Finding price and availability info of the image searched was requested features by the users.

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    It shows handbags, sunglasses, and shoes (currently), but more items to be added very soon. To make sure the content is also displayed in Similar Items, retailers need to include proper metadata like name, price, image and currency. What do you think about Google’s approach? Do like to see the section on your Google Now Feed? Let us know in the comment section below.

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