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Twitter Lite Unveiled; Loads Faster And Save Data On Slower Connections

After Facebook (Lite), YouTube (Go) and Microsoft (Skype), Twitter has launched; Twitter Lite for faster loads and saves data. It is basically faster, smaller and data saving mobile version.

This is largely aimed at users outside the US, UK, and other major developed countries. Twitter is targeting the emerging countries where 4G networks are uncommon or unreal. This will help a lot of users who doesn’t have fast wireless connectivity.

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Twitter Lite; Faster, Smaller And Data Saving Version

Twitter Lite has additional features in Google Chrome and other browsers on Android devices like push notifications, offline support and more. Twitter Lite is available globally, you can use it by visiting mobile.twitter.com on your smartphone or tablet.

Its supports 42 languages including six Indic languages: Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, and Marathi. The company is targeting developing nations in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, especially for new users. In addition to that, Twitter has also announced a partnership with Vodafone in India to provide live cricket updates in the special Twitter timeline.

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While smartphone adoption grew to 3.8 billion connections by the end of 2016, 45 percent of mobile connections are still on slower 2G networks. The new site (it’s a web-based app and not a mobile app per se) takes up minimal space on your device (just 1MB) and has quicker launch and navigation speeds, ideal for slower devices. Making it more affordable for you to use Twitter in areas where the mobile data is expensive.