Ola Announces Wheels For Short Distance Commuters For Just Rs 49

    Ola announces Wheels for the short distance rides. Well, Ola has always been innovating and revolutionizing the travel experience to keep the competition going. Especially after the launch of in-car entertainment system Ola Play last year.

    In an announcement video by Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal introduced Ola Wheels, a new service for ultra-shot commutes, which will cost you just Rs 49. This is a product from Ola Labs, Wheels works on voice-based AI, launched today and embedded in the Ola app itself.

    Ola Announces Wheels For Short Distance Commuters

    Ola Wheels is integrated into the Ola app. On Ola, you will see a Wheels icon next to the Ola Mini and Micro cab options and you can book your ultra-short travel straight from the Ola app. Even though Wheels is still in Beta phase, Ola already has begun to cover a large number of corporate zones and looking to expand soon.

    Ola said;

    Imagine never having to walk to that distance from your cafeteria to your cubicle in office. Imagine the best travel companion who is more obsessed about you than your dog. Imagine wheeling round everywhere simply because, now you can!

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    As this service is in a beta phase, you would not see the feature popping up on your app all times. Wheels pop up when you are in a Wheels-enabled zone. You will always have same experience thanks to its Personality Processing Chipset, each Wheels ride carries in it.

    Gals Motors CEO, Melon Musk said;

    I’m very excited for Ola’s new breakthrough in field of mobility. With this, they have steered ahead on the road to glory.

    Well, if you still didn’t understand, it’s unbelievable this was an April Fool’s day prank by Ola, like every year. But this year Ola has amazed me with a sort of practical joke, with promotional video, web page designed and app updated. Good one Ola!


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