Twitter’s New Safety Tools Helps You Filter, Mute And Stop Online Bullying

    The microblogging site has finally announced; Twitter’s new safety tools to restrict users from abuse and harassment on its platform. The micro-blogging site has added few features like the ability to filter abusive content, mute (specific/whole) keyword, fight trolls and report harassment. The company said this was one of the most requested feature.

    Twitter has become a bit more toxic in terms of trolls and online bullying. The microblogging site has become a place for trolls and abuse when compared to other social networking sites. As requested by users, the company has become a bit more serious now.

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    Twitter’s New Safety Tools

    Twitter added the ability to mute and conversations from the notification back in November. But this time the company will also allow users to choose what they see certain types of accounts, like profiles with no profile photo (Twitter Egg), unverified email address or phone numbers.

    safety tools

    With the release of new tools, if anyone directs any harassment (tweet/message) at you or any account, you can report it to the company and the company will notify you about receiving the report and inform you if it takes any further actions. Yes, this will be visible on your notifications tab in your app. All these features rolling out in the coming weeks.

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