Apple Might Use Flexible OLED Display In The Future Devices; Patent!

    Apple has been knowing for its innovation. However, the company started lacking the impress the users, which resulted in a drop in their revenue. Flexible displays are the future and the company has got a patent for it. Well, they aren’t backing up, what they started (retina display, you know?).

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    Apple patent application shows how the Cupertino-based company is involving around the flexible OLED display technology for the future. The application is namedElectronic Devices With Retractable Displays, it shows a scrollable like portable device which retracts into two cylindrical casing.

    Apple’s Patent Flexible OLED Display

    Apple patent reveals that they are also working on flexible displays. But, wait! you probably won’t see this coming out in mainstream soon (take your time Apple) because the production cost is very high and there is a limited availability of flexible OLED screen.

    Flexible OLED Display

    Coming back to the patents, the application describes that there are two elongated barrel-shaped housings, which contains all other components (like chipset, battery, speakers, camera and all others). But these housings will also be hollowed in order to accommodate rollers which will receive the flexible OLED display when it is retracted.

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    There are additional embodiments in the applications which replace the aforementioned rollers which the display is coiled naturally. There is a use of magnets to keep the two cylindrical cases together making a rigid body for the device folding. Well, Apple credits Zhen Zhang and Paul S. Drzaic as the inventors of this gadget and filed the patent in August 2015.


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