Reliance Jio Quietly Launches Jio Health Hub App; What & Why?

    Reliance Jio has taken over the nation with some free offers and great tariff plans. Which has tempted users from different telecom operators to switch to Reliance Jio.

    Well, with all the free offers, which Reliance Jio is offering also includes the free subscription for Jio Tv, Jio Cinema, Jio Mags, Jio Music and so on. But regardless all these apps, Jio has quietly released another app, which will take head on to Apple’s Homekit and Google’s Health Services.

    Jio Health Hub App

    Much like it sounds, it’s a health and fitness-centric app called Jio Health Hub, which is already listed on the company’s Google Play listing. The app is aimed at allowing people to have all their health related documents available at one place and provides them with the ability to readily share the reports with others as and when they want.

    Jio Health Hub

    All these features bring this app into the same category as Apple’s HealthKit and Google Health app. Both of the popular services retrieve medical and fitness information from other similar apps and serve as a central dashboard.

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    More Into…

    All the medical details and data is stored in the secure cloud, which can be accessible only with authentic credentials. So, no need to carry the files and medical reports all the time.

    Description of Jio Health Hub App;

    All of your data is stored in the cloud which is accessible from anywhere and on any device but with your secure credentials, which means you can carry your medical records with you at all times without having to carry any papers, physical files, test films or lab reports.

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    At least looking at the description it is clear that Jio is also taking Apple’s path, ie. partnering with labs and hospitals, which will push medical records (no details on hospitals & labs yet) to the app. And for the iOS users, Jio Health Hub is yet to be available.



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