UMER: Funeral Cab Service; An Extraordinary Uber Like Service In Russia

    Innovations are not stopping and the need of a new service always brings up a new company to start.

    The company has been expanding their reach with different aspects, some of on-demand movies, food delivery service. Now, it’s time to add funerals to the list. Yes, funerals. Meet Umer, a funeral service expert.

    UMER: A Funeral Service

    Umer is a service that lets you plan the funerals for the recently departed loved ones. It is expected to launch in Russia, the next couple of months. All you have to do is type in the deceased’s name, date of death, religion and address.Umer

    The user is given a choice of local cemeteries, funeral directors, along with pricing information. Addition to that, the app also lets the user choose between cremation and burial, and even pick out the headstone. When all the information is sorted, then the user need to put in the contact with an operator who finalizes the arrangement.

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    Umer also provides all the requisite paperwork that one needs a death, making it very convenient for those in need. Though the app is in the development phase, but it has surprised many people around the globe.


    Umer is very much similar to Uber, as a matter of fact, even the logo looks fairly similar to Uber’s old logo. But the funeral service app keeps a fair distance from the service provided by Uber.


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