Samsung Bixby Is Making Into Samsung Galaxy S8: Leaked

    Samsung has been working on its new Galaxy device. After the Note 7’s issue Samsung has lost a good amount of customer trust. So, Samsung is adding value to their upcoming smartphone, which is apparently the Galaxy S8.

    With a lot of rumors and leaks on the Samsung’s new digital assistant (which they are working on) dubbed as Bixby. This rumor took over the tech enthusiast as this a great feature from Samsung to enhance the galaxy experience.

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    Samsung Bixby

    Samsung Bixby, the virtual assistant, was earlier rumored to come with the upcoming Galaxy S8. But, it is pretty much clear that it is making it’s way to the Samsung Galaxy S8 as it is now listed on the Samsung’s official website, spitting out more information than ever before.

    gsmarena 002 2

    Bixby is expected to integrate with the Samsung’s (own) inbuilt apps as well as with Samsung Pay Mini, which is a mobile payment service from the company. It will be able to make online payments only, as of now.

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    So, all in all, Samsung Galaxy S8 is to come with two new additions, i.e Samsung Bixby (which is a virtual assistant) and Samsung Pay Mini. It was earlier rumored that the Samsung is going to showcase the new galaxy at Mobile World Congress but the recent reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy is expected to come out on April 18. but we suggest you take this piece of information with a pinch of salt. Stay tuned!


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