Samsung To Unveil Robot Vacuum, Wireless Speakers & More: CES 2017

    CES 2017 is nearly a week away and tech companies have already started announcing their products to drive the consumer interest.

    Samsung is not left behind, they have gone out to announce a new robot vacuum cleaner, wireless speaker, UHD Blu-ray player, and a new soundbar.

    “Future Of Audio” In CES 2017

    Samsung claimed to hold the “Future of Audio” technology slogan in the new line-up. The company is scaling up the audio game with the introduction of High-Quality audio aka UHQ. With having UHQ, any device can emit 8 to 24-bit source, can be changed to 32-bit stream, which Samsung claims to be much closer in quality to the original recording.

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    Addition to that another technology involved in this is an algorithm for Distortion Cancelling, which intelligently sets the movement of the woofers, control it and then disperse a more stable sound at a low pitch.

    Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    There are a lot of company’s that make Robot Vacuum Cleaner. So, this is not epic.

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    There is not much leaked about this product to talk about, but it said to come with Alexa support, that means you can control this device with Amazon Echo.

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    Samsung UHD Blu-ray Player

    Samsung is also expected to announce its M9500 UHD Blu-ray player, which is enhanced and optimizes for HDR content and no matter what the source of audio (output) it is, the player manages to give out the best performance.


    This player also comes with a Private Camera viewing mode, which sends the audio to the Bluetooth headphone (if you own one) instead of the television. Which lowers down the amount of pain of connecting a Bluetooth device to the television.

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    Spot It, Point-To-Point

    ◙ Samsung is also coming with H7 wireless speaker, with a retro look, this device comes with a speaker wheel that lets you select playlists from streaming services.

    ◙  The new MS750 soundbar according to Samsung will bring the subwoofer performance directly into the primary unit.

    Well, all the above specifications and features could change, we can see all the detailed specs, pricing and availability of the products in CES 2017. Until then we have to wait. Stay tuned for CES 2017, Las Vegas. Are you excited for CES 2017? If yes, then what are you are excited for? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to react.


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