After Cracking Into Netflix, OurMine Hits Marvel Accounts

    OurMine, a hacker’s group or like they like to call themselves, security group cracked into Netflix’s account yesterday.

    OurMine is taking over major social networks to spread the word of security and to show how secure the accounts are. After accessing Netflix’s Twitter account, they collectively cracked into Marvel’s several accounts. The accounts include company’s main account and several other Marvel Cinematic Universe Films.

    The tweets after the hack were almost similar to the ones sent from Netflix’s account. Both the tweet had offerings from OurMine to help to make company’s security tight.


    A member of the hacker’s group replied to the questions from Mashable;

    ► Why Marvel and Netflix?

    For the question, the member replied that they are just choosing people who had bad security.

    And addition to he said:

    i just want to spread a message to everyone that we are a security group, not a hacking group ” most of news websites says we are a hacking group, but we are not we never change passwords, we never change emails, we never abuse, we never request money from our targets.

    ► What Do You Mean, Bad Security?

    The group explained how they got into Marvel, they said Marvel lacked two-factor authentication, which is very common among brands as there is a lot of people logging to the account.

    To add a perspective, OurMine is the same group, who hacked into many high-profile people’s social accounts, including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Google CEO Sudar Pichai, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Whales and several others.

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