Tesla Will Charge A Penalty Next Time You Hog Superchargers After Filling Up

    Tesla has taken a serious step against hogging superchargers even after filling up. Beware!

    The electric car manufacturing company announced in a blog post-Friday that owners who use Tesla’s power station will face charges if they don’t move after Supercharging the batteries.


    Well, the drivers who fail to move their car after charging within 5 minutes of completing the charge, The company will charge a penalty of $0.40 per minute.

    Tesla Said;

    A customer would never leave a car parked by the pump at a gas station and the same thinking applies with Superchargers. We understand that it can be frustrating to arrive at a station only to discover fully charged Tesla cars occupying all the spots.

    Keeping up with the charging process is really easy as drivers get notified when their car is nearing to full. Superchargers typically charge’s up Tesla in 30 minutes.

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    End Of Free Charging

    Tesla in November said that it has more than 4,600 Superchargers globally, but the free charging is coming to an end. The company recently announced that Teslas ordered after January 1, 2017, have to pay a small fee for using the charging stations.

    All in all, It is pretty much clear that Tesla doesn’t want to make money on this but wants drivers to be conscious about charging. What do you guys think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to react.


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