Super Mario Run Clone Hit’s Google Play Store, Justified, Download Now

    It’s just been a couple of days after Super Mario Run hit on Apple’s App Store. And it’s really common to see a similar name to pop up either by copying game mechanics or straight up ripping off the original.

    Well, Super Mario Run launched Thursday on iPhone and iPad, and the game has taken over the world with somewhere around 2.5-5 million downloads. Yes, it is a paid game but first few levels are free to play and later on if unlock the whole game then you have to pay $9.99.

    There are a lot of questions arisen before the launch in App Store. Questions like why the game is not making into Play Store.

    In return, Shigeru Miyamoto, Producer of Super Mario Run said;

    The less risk of piracy is one of the reasons we went iOS exclusive at launch. And while we haven’t seen pirate copies doing the rounds, there sure are a bunch of alternatives “inspired” on the hit title, creatively named Super Antonio Run, Super Puppy Run, Super [insert something] Run and so on.

    Super Mario Run

    Though the games have launched a month ago they are very much inspired by Super Mario Run and also applies almost same game mechanics (but necessarily not all levels).

    Super Mario Run On Android

    Super Mario Run

    With the launch of Nintendo’s Super Mario Run, clones on Google Play Store came up pretty quickly. Two games Super Adventure of  Jabber (1 million+ Downloads) and Super Plumber Run (1K+ Downloads) climbed up on the Google Play charts. Well, there were many games that came up but pulled out by google after disregarding company’ s policy.

    If you have download an unknown apk in the name of Super Mario Run, it could be harmful to your smartphone considering the fact that Android version of Super Mario Run doesn’t exist but you can still enjoy using the alternatives. I would suggest you, go with Super Adventure of Jabber, as it has more personalized feel which relates to the original game.

    Super Mario Run


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