Apple AirPods: What Will Happen If You Lose One? [Apple’s Rule Book]

    Apple AirPods were announced alongside the iPhone 7 but was it was long delayed before it came out last week.

    Apple is still silent about the delay of Apple AirPods. Well, the expected reasons of delay pointed out to be trouble syncing audio streams between the two AirPod’s and another reason was that Apple was still figuring out how to deal with customers who lose an AirPods or their charging case.

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    Rules For Apple AirPods

    As and when Apple released the much-awaited AirPods to the market, just in time for holiday shopping season, Apple has also released detailed rules for replacing any AirPods parts.

    Apple Airpods

    You can get your AirPod’s earbuds with charging case for $160 (INR 10,999 approx). Apple will retail one of the earbuds or a charging case, in case if you have lost one and going to buy a whole second set, Apple will allow customers to purchase a single piece of the set for $69. This rule will cover only for a single item i.e either the left or right AirPod, or the charging case.

    What about Apple AirPods Charging Case?

    Well, battery replacement is also quite affordable, you can have the battery replaced for $49 + $6.95 (tax and shipping which roughly equals INR 3,599 approx) for single AirPod or their charging case. This will only be applicable within the AirPod’s one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

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    Now, if you have your mind all set on AirPods, you can at least relax knowing that Apple has got you covered. So, what do you guys think about $160 pricing? Is it worth the price? If not, what will you go with replacing Apple AirPods? let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to react.


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