Another Snapchat Feature To Make It To Facebook, Before Christmas

    Snapchat is being targeted by the major companies for the features it holds. Some companies modify and some just directly implement. Snapchat also released Spectacles to increase the demand to snap.

    Now, Facebook is adding a feature that looks similar to Snapchat Geofilters, named “Location Frames“. Well, it won’t make to you until this Christmas. Well, this feature is coming to an experimental in-app camera that Facebook is testing in Ireland.


    The experimental in-app camera that Facebook is testing has a straight resemblance to Snapchat Geofilters. The camera, which already allows you to augment your selfies and video with text, doodles, AI-powered filters and with animated face masks is been added as an update to the Facebook (experimental) in-app camera, that allows you to add Geofilters-like “Location Frames” to your photos.

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    Much like Snapchat Geofilters, users can create and submit their location specific designs, Which other users can use to add to their photos. But Facebook is also adding new features from its sleeves named profile frames, which again allow you to add a small design to your Facebook profile photo (to show your support to LGBT Community or the aftermath of Paris attacks), for quite some time.

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    Currently, Facebook is testing the ability of users to create their own and Facebook will push this feature to expand to Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, UK, and Ireland. Users in the specific countries will be able to create and submit a profile frame that can be used by anyone on Facebook.


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