You Could Buy Your Next Car From Amazon

    Amazon has brought e-commerce to the next level, with their easy online shopping experience. Now, Amazon has leveled up their game with the announcement of bringing online shopping experience to the car market called Amazon Vehicles.

    For the time being it’s only going live in Italy and it’s been restricted to three Fiat Chrysler models. If you are an Italian with your eye on the Fiat Panda, the Fiat 500 or even the Fiat 500L, then all you gotta do is to simply click and buy. Amazon says it then contacts the customer to ask them which dealership they would like to pick up their new car from.

    Amazon Vehicles

    Amazon promises that this launch/news for anyone who hates the trawl around car dealerships looking for a good value deal. Although there no exactly know financial checks and process you’ll need to go through to actually pay for the car.

    Fiat Chrysler Gianluca Italia said;

    The time has arrived to give consumers a new, more efficient and transparent way to choose a new vehicle. Online buyers will be eligible for some extra discounts too.

    The Biggest Question on Amazon Vehicles?

    Amazon has extended the availability from the households to cars. The questionable thing is whether Amazon will come out of Italy, to give their services to other parts? No words from Amazon yet.

    What do you guys think about the latest service offered by Amazon? Do you guys think that this feature could revolutionize the way we look at Amazon as a service? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to react.



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