Apple Patents New Technology That Will Find Your Lost iPhone (Even if it is Switched OFF)

    Apple has lots of plans going around before the release of their next iPhone. The company is continuously patenting new technologies and has lot of leaks on their forthcoming hardware’s and software’s. Well, to track any phone or device it is really important that the device must be turned on and moreover, it is even more important that you must set up the feature on.

    Apple seems to be working to deal and fix this kind of issues. Apparently, Apple has filed a new patent for a technology that makes it easier to find a device even after it has been switched off.

    Apple Patents

    United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Published the patent from the Cupertino-based company titled “Apparatus and method for determining a wireless device’s location after shutdown” on November 3. The patent states that with the new wireless data processing technology will be able to transmit location data even when the device is in unpowered state.

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    How does it work?

    Basically what this patent does is that it will enable the “Find My iPhone” app to quietly power up the handset at time intervals and sending out location data to the owner via email, instant message, SMS texts or GPS and then it shuts the phone again to save the battery.


    Well, it is pretty obvious that every innovation has its limitations, and one such limitation of this patent is that it will work only if the phone has a battery (iPhone has a non-removable battery).

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    Regardless of limitations, It explains that only essential hardware components would be activated with the feature, not the display. So, with the turned off display the phone will not spit out any clues to the thief.


    The patent define that the feature would also protect your phone when powered on, as to turn off location feature or even to switch off, you have to input the security pin. So, incase of an incorrect pin/password, the feature will remain activated.

    There are more to come in an iPhone with this patent. Well, at least with security will drastically increase on an iPhone. What do you guys think about this patent? Do you think this patent can prevent your iPhone from thieves? let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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