Amazon Prime Video, Just the same Amazon Prime service your are subscribed too. Well, they seem to pretty close but they aren’t. Amazon has kept everything about Amazon Prime Video in dern, but here is everything you need to know. From last few days, Amazon has started teasing about their Prime video service.

Amazon Prime Video

Apparently, Amazon has tied up with Dharma Productions, T-Series and many other providers are rumored to be in talks with Amazon for a TV series, but there is no much information leaked.

It is possible that Amazon would want to set up a sports platform as well, knowing how popular cricket and football are in the country. However, with most of the broadcasting deals already taken, this might be tough for Amazon to crack this deal.

Pricing of Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video comes with Amazon Prime Service (even comes with Prime trial). If you are going (planning) to subscribe then you have to pay Rs.499/year now as an offer (promotional period) but an year to subscription it will be bumped to Rs.999/year.

Amazon Prime Competitors

Netflix is growing steadily with increasing customer needs. Lot more other rivals are already setted up the level for Prime Video. Hotstar is also one of the main contender, it has a large following with wide range of collections to offer.

Amazon Prime Video

Popular TV shows can be streamed online (on-demand) in hotstar for just Rs.199/month whereas Amazon offer a higher price, but remember you also some great deals on its e-commerce website.

You can see alot more transformation in your media consumption in the coming years. Anyways, let us know your thoughts and comments below and don’t forget to react.




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