If you are like me, who likes to make their smartphone Unique and Trendy, yet usable, you’re in the right place. These are the top 3 3D launchers for your Android smartphone if you want to take customization to a whole new level.

   1.  TSF Launcher 3D

Yes! I started this list with my favorite launcher. This is the most beautiful and easy to use 3D Launcher available in the Google Play Store as of now.

It has tons of customization, an interactive clock and a neat User Interface! It is surprisingly fast and responsive and the animations are very fluid. Words can’t express how beautiful this launcher is! enough said. Please try it for yourself, if you haven’t already. And most importantly, there are no ads.

If you want to checkout/download: https://goo.gl/MmIMnR

Few Screenshots below;

TSF Launcher 3D 3D Launcher 3D Launcher 3D Launcher 3D Launcher 3D Launcher 3D Launcher

   2.  Next Launcher 3D

The reason why I put it second on my list is that there are a hell lot of bloatware and ads in the home screen. And you can’t remove the ads in the Lite version which annoys me.

The User Interface is almost similar to TSF Launcher but overall it’s not as responsive as the former. It has a hell lot of customization options too and it is the second most downloaded launcher of the lot.

If you want to checkout/download: https://goo.gl/zIvIbL

Few Screenshots below;

3D Launcher 3D Launcher 3D Launcher 3D Launcher 3D Launcher

   3.  CM Launcher 3D

First of all there isn’t much “3D” going around in the launcher. Yes, there’s a 3D clock similar to TSF Launcher but that’s it!

You get a “Top News” feed when you swipe to the right from the home screen just like Google Now launcher. The apps are arranged in folders in their respective category automatically in the home screen. One can find ads here and there, but it’s not as aggressive as Next launcher. You also get a search bar on top of the home screen which is removable, fortunately! It is a dynamic search bar where it shows the trending searches, which sometimes, is weird. And it’s not as smooth as TSF Launcher but it sure looks appealing . It is the most downloaded and the highest rated launcher in the lot.

If you want to checkout/download: https://goo.gl/zowH4C

Few Screenshots below;

 3D Launcher 3D Launcher 3D Launcher 3D Launcher 3D Launcher

Well, this is just My Personal Top 3. Hope you like it. What launchers do you use and why?  If you’ve any queries, feel free to comment below.


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